Quality Frames

Our frames are made from various materials.

All acetate sunglasses are handcrafted in more than 120 steps. Painstakingly formed by layers and layers of acetate cellulose that are cut, hand polished and carefully assembled.

Acetate is a durable, plant-based plastic.

We use sturdy 3-barrel or 5-barrel hinges on all our frames and like to play with design details. Look out for gold-plated hinges and end plates on the temples.

Our active collection and extra lightweight frames are made of Swiss TR90, which is extremely flexible and durable material, perfect for all day and sports wear.


All of our lenses come of course with 100% UV400 (UVA+UVB) protection. Most sunglasses are equipped Triton (USA) CR19 or CR39 lenses and offer high-contrast vision.

We mainly offer lenses most common for everyday wear (Catergory 3: brown, green & grey lenses) and for partially bright conditions and overcast weather (category 2: orange, blue etc). Our sunglasses with yellow lenses are mainly considered fashion sunglasses (Category 1).

Our Active collection comes with some options for polarized lenses, which are specifically suited for water sport lovers or frequent drivers.


Our (anti-) blue light glasses feature Nylon lenses, a new high-quality lens material that combines the pros of polycarbonate and CR-39 lenses- They block 100% of the blue light under 410nm spectrum and 45% of the blue light on the 410nm-450nm spectrum.

Our bestselling frames are also available as optics with standard or premium lenses with standard anti-scratch, anti-reflection, and water-repellent coatings. Premium coatings provide durability, easy care, and a refined finish. These lenses repel dust, dirt, and water. Available for prescriptions up to +/- 5.00.

Our promises to you

Lifetime guarantee

We've increased our warranty policy to guarantee (lifetime on acetate and 24 months on everything else, 30 days satisfaction on blue light)
On top of that, we understand that sunglasses easily get lost. So if you f*** up, just tell us the story and we give you 30% off the replacement pair. Fair is fair.


We can't make better products without doing better. Through Project Clean Ocean, we donate to the removal of plastic waste from our rivers & oceans for every pair of sunnies sold. All sunglass-packaging is made of recycled materials.
Recycled packaging (it's a journey for us, step by step improving our footprint as we mature as a company)


Before starting production we travelled to China and visited several suppliers and manufacturers to carefully select our new partners. We did this to ensure the production facilities are on par with our business and moral standards. E.g. inspecting and confirming working environment and waste management. We still work closely with the same suppliers today and have a close and trustful partnership with them. We still visit them regularly. Pre covid twice a year. And yearly from 2023.