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Product information

MessyWeekend have partnered up with professional snowboarder and two-time British Winter Olympian Jamie Nicholls. The exiting collaboration see’s Jamie work with MessyWeekend to design and develop his first personalised goggles fusing style and performance. With cutting-edge magnetic lens tech, UV protection, and anti-fog capabilities, these sleek goggles deliver clarity on the slopes. Designed with Jamie's flair, they redefine adventure in the snow.

The production is limited to only 300 pieces and including in the package is a signature hardbox and poach with collaboration artwork along with an extra yellow overcast lens and stickers, to make sure you are fully set for the slopes.

  • The high-contrast lens defines colors better, reduces glare, improves depth perception, and adapts well to different lighting conditions
  • The lens is a dual-layered lens, manufactured from Grade 1 optical-quality polycarbonate
  • The frame is made out of lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane and comes with triple layered foam for optimal comfort
  • Microfiber pouch to protect & clean
  • Yellow overcast lens
  • Support of Clean Oceans project (Read more)
  • Free shipping & 30-day free returns in the UK
  • 2 years warranty

Use the microfiber bag to clean the lens. The lens has an anti-fog coating, so for tougher spots, use only lukewarm water, as the harsh chemicals in cleaning solutions can strip the anti-fog coating.

As a dual-pane lens, it is normal for water to get in between the two panes, but it’s important to allow the goggles to dry completely before storing in the hard case. Not doing so can lead to condensation being trapped in the case, potentially damaging the lens.
We recommend the goggles be stored in the case when not in use.

The Inspiration

"The design was based off an old set of snowboard pants I used to wear back when I was competing towards my first Olympics. I guess in a way they would be my lucky pants in the build up to the games. I love the camo design and always wanted to add this pattern to a goggle strap.

When MessyWeekend approached me to work together, I knew it would be a perfect time to implement this design and adding a Yorkshire rose to the strap as a memory of where I grew up. It feels great to work with a brand that wants to build something together, listen to the ideas that I have and share the same values when it comes to sustainability. I’m proud to collaborate with MessyWeekend and can’t wait to take things further in the future."